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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Unique Custom Vintage Analog Drum Synth

via this auction

via the seller: "this is a one-off special, constructed in North London around 1983. I acquired it from the dude that built it. By coincidence, he lived at the end of my street at the time, 20 years earlier! I believe it's made from E&MM modules (Maplin), e.g. Syntom, Synbal, Synchime etc? not sure which exactly. it has 2 'toms' (pitch/sweep/decay/volume) and 2 'noise' (pitch, resonance, decay, volume), so 4 modules total. I know these modules are super rare now and sought after if you are inclined to raid it for parts (>sniff<) to 'evolve' it. it works pretty well, tho it can be temperamental, one channel is quiet and it may crackle a bit when you turn the pots, or not.. getting it warmed up and running is part of the fun. you can play on it but it needs some tlc or a service let's say. you buy it 'as is' and it will be sent fully insured at cost price (unknown at present, your choice) for full bid value, for your own reassurance. no returns accepted under any circumstances. pro production is not the point of this machine. i have been time travelling with it. it's rare and special and tons of fun live, with a polymoog for example. it doesn’t sync to anything; that's just a 5 pin din audio out (untested) and 1/4" jack out (working), you can see on the side. it runs from 240v mains and i cannot vouch for the safety of that. I've been using it 12 years without problem but I do not accept responsibility in any way, to any extent from any consequences of its use. the sequencer has one channel per sound, 16 steps switched on or off by switches... like a proto simmons sds 6. It has 2 tempo controls, which you can switch between. you can make bars 8, 12 or 16 steps long instantly. you can switch a channel permanently on, or off, or just to respond to steps that are switched on, on the fly. it has a stop/go button. that's it. there are tons of new things out now that do loads more than this but in some indescribably ways this remains a perfect piece of history, encapsulating the first synth DIY era. It's very odd, from the people that brought you 5600s & spectrum... and worth it just for the classic E&MM modules, which I'm basing the start price on."

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