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Monday, November 14, 2016

::vtol:: orbitalochka

::vtol:: orbitalochka from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

"Kinetic sound object. Model of artificial satellite of the Earth / inhabited sound art space station. The apparatus is a system for a research of sound swirling of anthroposphere. The device works in autonomous and extremely abstract way. Featuring a built-in radio FM transmitter, it transmits radio signals at frequency 99mHz being available for all inhabitants of the Earth.

more info -"

"The sound signals are based on the generative sound processes created with Patchblocks synthesis systems and light sensor which reacts to change in position of the satellite in space following the relocation of the mass caused by change of solar cell position. The solar cells function as sensors and provide CV (control voltage) for changing the parameters of the sound program. The station also process and transmits a pre-recorded lecture by Sergey Kasich - 'Sound art community in the context of development of modern technologies'.


- fm radio transmitter
- arduino nano
- 4 servo motors
- patchblocks sound module
- motion sensor
- 4 solar panles
- fm radio
- 1 channel sound system"

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