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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Yamaha CS 30 Vintage Analog Synth with Mods

via this auction

"here is the description of the mods from the Japanese Engineer who implemented them.
It has to be the most tricked out CS 30 in the world. certainly that I've ever seen. Featuring everyone's wish list of modifications, in addition to standard features:-

About VCF serial routing mod, When you select VCF1 HP in VCF2.... Before mod, HPF signal from VCF1 goes to VCF2. After mod, You can select VCF1 mode that goes to VCF2 at VCA1 mode selector
Please try: 1) selecr VCF1 HP inVCF2 2) change the VCF1 mode selector in VCA1 and you will hear the audio change. EG and bender modulation routing cancel switches are located near KEY/SEQ switch in VCO section.
1) VCO SYNC SYNC ON/OFF switch is in VCO1 Section (VCO2 -> VCO1). And I'd like to intall two extra switches, one is to cancel PITCH BEND signal going to VCO1 and other is to cancel EG AMOUNT signal going to VCO1. These will enable you to enjoy great SYNC sweep sounds.
2) Sequencer Trigger In Your CS-30 will have additional jack (SEQ TRIG IN ) and Polarity switch on its rear panel. Everything works normally when you don't plug any cable to this jack. When you plug cable to the jack, your CS-30 is in SEQ TRIG IN mode. When the sequencer is MANUAL mode, it accepts STEP signal to proceed the step. START/STOP button works as reset button, it turns to STEP1 anytime you press it (while running or not). When the sequencer is CLOCK mode, SEQ TRIG IN works as START/STOP button, and START/STOP button works as reset button, same as in MANUAL mode.
Polarity switch is to select TRIG type. When you send Roland and most of other manufacturer's TRIG style (+V:ON/0V:OFF) turn this switch UP. When you send YAMAHA TRIG style (-V:ON/+V:OFF) or KORG style (0V:ON/+V:OFF) TRIGGER turn this switch DOWN.
3) VCF SERIAL ROUTING CS30 VCF2 has VCF1 HPF input (HPF only), but I'll unfix it and make all three mode (HPF/BPF/LPF) routable to VCF2. The VCF mode is selectable at selector switch in VCA1.
4) VCF CV IN This CS30 will have additional jack (VCF CV IN) and toggle switch (VCF destination selector, VCF1/VCF2/BOTH).
So: VCO SYNC ON/OFF switch (in VCO section) PITCH BEND to VCO1 cancel switch (near pitch bend) EG to VCO1 cancel switch (near EG selector switch) VCF CV destination select switch (rear panel, near VCF CV IN jack) Seq Trig signal poplarity switch (rear panel, near Seq Trig In jack) VCF CV IN jack (rear panel) Seq Trig In jack (rear panel)

A beautiful monophonic synth with extensive analog control and shaping.
It has two oscillators with separate outputs,
two voltage-controlled resonant filters,
two voltage-controlled amplifiers,
and three envelopes.
It also features a ring modulator, external audio triggering and 8-step sequencer."

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