Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Yamaha TG33 SN HO01255

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"The Yamaha TG33 is a 32-voice programmable synthesizer module featuring AWM and FM synthesis under vector control. Many automatic vector ("dynamic vector") patches are offered in the presets, but the vector control joystick on this module allows real time manipulation of vector level and detune, allowing the user a high degree of expression. There are two preset banks of sounds, plus an Internal and a Multi bank, and the option of adding RAM cards for even more patch storage.
The TG33 is a fairly compact synth, and can be set up as a desktop module, or mounted in a rack with the included rack ears. On the MIDI side, in, out and thru are offered. There are two sets of stereo outputs to add your own effects on mix-down, but the unit also includes 16 types of digital effects on board.

The TG33 was manufactured following the Korg Wavestation's success. At the time Yamaha had acquired Korg and evidently the R&D teams were working on similar projects. All of a sudden, vectoring was the sound in vogue, and while the Wavestation was the "professional" instrument to aspire to, the TG33 was a much more affordable option. The first synth to offer vector synthesis was the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, recently emulated by Arturia with their Prophet V (Prophet-5 and VS in the same package). On the TG33, it's easy to create your own vectors starting from the provided patches, and then saving your creations to the internal or card memory banks.

The ROM on board is very similar to the Yamaha SY/TG55 series, probably based on the same base set of samples, with a few updates (the drums in particular sound a bit better and more modern than on the 55 series). There are many of the same AWM samples categories found on the 55 (and 77?) series, but several other categories have been added, such as OSC, SEQ and Tran - all very adapt for wave-sequencing/vectoring.
The TG33 can be considered the rack version of the SY22: a few parameters are missing but the cards that were produced for the 22 will work in the 33 as well.

The TG33 sound module is a slightly enhanced key-less version of the SY22. It is a digital synthesizer that employs frequency modulation (FM) synthesis combined with low-fi (12-bit) AWM ROM samples. However, this machine is not low quality (especially for the electronica-oriented musician). Its preset sounds are a bit thin, however using the joystick controller you can manipulate and combine the 12-bit samples with the any of the 256 FM vector voices. This gives it a range of tone and sound that is as dynamic and mysterious as other vector synths such as the Korg Wavestation and ProphetVS.

Also available is a drum kit, effects, 16-part multitimbrality for layering sounds and 32 note polyphony! Definitely a powerful little beast that can create pretty nice sounds with lots of motion and character. With its wide range of sonic possibility, the TG33 has what it takes to create unique sounds that will keep you and you're music sounding a little different from the rest!"

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