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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Yamaha VL7 VIrtual Acoustic Synthesizer with BC3 Breath Controller

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"The VL7 is a monophonic synthesizer (one note only!) that creates a physical model of a pipe or string. You can play it with or without a breath controller. I set it to work without the breath controller before packaging it. Cosmetically this keyboard looks very good. The breath controller (which I cleaned with the included Roche Thomas Mouthpiece Cleanser) really makes the sounds come alive, and the use of it helps to create an almost acoustic-instrument like performance. There is detailed info in the manuals, which I printed (almost finished the printing before I realized I didn’t go 2-sided on the pages. There’s a lot of them; sorry!) You can also download the PDF of the manual online. Here is the description of the VL7 from Yamaha’s web site:

Virtual Acoustic Synthesis
It creates a computer physical model of an actual instrument inside the synthesizer. The VA instrument has a sound-producing device. This can be either a Pipe or a String. This is sounded by a driver: a pair of lips, a reed or a bow. The sound is then passed through modifiers before going to the internal effects. Both the instrument sound and the modifier parameters can be controlled by the Controller section.

Control of the instrument
A large number of factors can modify the sound-in the case of a wind instrument, the player's breath and mouth and lips (among others) affect the sound. In the case of a bowed string instrument, the player's arm movements, expressed in bow pressure and velocity, affect the sounds. With a VL synthesizer, the following parameters of an instrument can be changed: pressure, embouchure, pitch, vibrato, tonguing, amplitude, scream, breath noise, growl, throat format, dynamic filtering, Harmonic enhance, damping, and absorption.

A high degree of control can be exercised over the final timbre by using the 5-section modifier block: Harmonic Enhancer, Dynamic Filter, Frequency Equalizer, Impulse Expander, Resonator.

A synthesizer that doesn't sound like a synthesizer?
Changing a controller while a note is playing actually changes the behavior of the "instrument" and the way it is played.

An unparalleled degree of control
In addition to the velocity, aftertouch-responsive keyboard, pitchbend and modulation wheels, the VL7 has an additional control wheel (MW2), two continuous sliders, connectors for two foot pedals, connectors for two foot controllers, and a connector for a BC-2 breath controller.

Playing imaginary instruments
The VL7 supplies you with voices such as a saxophone mouthpiece attached to a trumpet body. The joy of Virtual Acoustic Synthesis is that you can experience imaginary instruments of this type, and express what you want to say in a musical way."

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