MATRIXSYNTH: Isotonik Studios Introduces Circuit Editor PRO & Circuit Patch Store for the Novation Circuit

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Isotonik Studios Introduces Circuit Editor PRO & Circuit Patch Store for the Novation Circuit

Circuit Editor PRO for the Novation Circuit from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

"In this walkthrough we'll not be delving into sound design but simply showing off the workflow enhancing improvements we've made to our popular Circuit Editor, rebuilding the engine from scratch to massively improve the speed of updates has allowed to us to add core new features such as:

- Both Synth Engines are fully automatable in Ableton Live with the MaxforLive version

- Copy / Paste for the Macro Elements

- Drum Control has been added

- Patch Management has been much improved

- An intelligent Randomiser Function"

P.S. You might remember mention of the new editor from this post.

Additional details including price:


PRICE: £10.00

It's been over a year since we visited Novations headquarters to be first introduced to the Circuit in their development room, this little beast of a Groovebox has gone from strength to strength in the past twelve months growing an avid legion of new fans who have helped the development of the instrument through the Facebook Circuit Owners Group...

We've seen Novation get involved in this group of fans to their credit and it was an honour to be chosen to develop and supply the official Novation Circuit Editor! Now that Novation have released the fourth firmware update, we felt it was time to do the same with our Editor. And so after a few hundred hours more of development time we're delighted to be able to release the Circuit Editor PRO!

Rebuilt from the ground up we've massively improved response times and allowed automation of both synths through Ableton Live via the MaxforLive version. In working with the new Editor Engine we've been able to incorporate the top user requests that we've been collating as well!

Copy / Paste for the Macro ElementsMacro

Added Drum Control

An intelligent Randomiser FunctionRandomiser

And finally we've improved the Patch Management functionality so that users can load numbered patches from a folder, or get all of the patches from the Circuit with one click...

Available in both Mac and Windows Standalone versions along with a MaxforLive version for use and automation within Ableton LIve."

And on the Circuit Patch Store:


Last month we released our first set of Patch Banks through our Circuit Patch store, the response was phenomenal and exceeded everyones expectations. Rather than sit on our laurels we wanted to release a new set of packs to coincide with the Circuit Editor PRO launch and so we're proud to bring on board a new set of Isotonik Circuit Artists & their Patch Banks to include:

My Panda Shall Fly - Brutal Cacophony
Tom Cosm - Naughty & Nice
Lightfinger - Volume ONE
Emynona - Mind Travellers

Each artists unique approach to the Circuit shines through in their patches, taking hours of work to create and refine you can see a demo for each pack within the links above."

Videos below captured for the archives (note the 3rd video is a useful tutorial for :

My Panda Shall Fly - Brutal Cacophony from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

"This is the debut pack of Circuit Patches from esteemed artist My Panda Shall Fly!

The ultimate collection in terror-induced exaggerated unpredictability, encouraging maniacal experimentation for extreme instrumental freakage and/or wild other-worldly sound design curiosities. Use with caution!"

Nice and Naughty - Novation Circuit Pack Demo

Published on Jan 16, 2017 Tom Cosm

Novation Circuit: How to Create an Arpeggio Effect with an LFO + Bonus Tips!
[Video just posted here - decided to give this one a separate post as it's more of a tutorial]

Emynona Bank 1 : Mind travelers

Published on Jan 15, 2017 Emynona Fractal-Circus

"Cover track of my first patch bank release @
For this I picked up 6 patches from my custom bank and arranged this track to give a listen on the possibilities. I've set up a whole bunch of custom macro that drive the sound into crazy direction. A single note become a complete world ... nights of exploration ...
The bank contain 8 Mono Bass really fat and 24 crazy Lead/FX that will turn your circuit into a psychedelic tool that will let you free to use your hand to play Lead synth over it ...
Hope you will enjoy ...
Get the full bank @"

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