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Monday, January 09, 2017

Roland CMU-800 with MIDI & Original Box

via this auction

According to the listing, this is the exact same unit featured in this video.

"The CMU-800 is one of unique and rare module that was produced by Amdek and then by Roland in the past. It's a medium-sized, off-cream metallic wedge, with a barrage of jacks on the back and a bare minimum of knobs on the front. It also sported this ruddy great ribbon cable hanging out the back!

What is it? Essentially, its a computer-controlled CV/gate output system, designed to work with computers - a Japan-market-only NEC Z80 machine and the humble Apple II range. No MIDI, no inputs as such, just a means to let your "brand spanking new 8-bit computing marvel" be the controlling heart of your System 100M. The box was the same for each model, you just bought the interface and software to suit your particular CPU.

This unit is in amazing condition looks and works like new even it's 25+ years old!

I'm confident saying it was never used, since it still has a label on the power cord and comes with original box and packaging. Looks previous owner has never had an interface card for that.

It has MIDI upgrade installed. This means you don't need Apple II or NEC computer any longer to control it. You just play it over a MIDI. This is custom prepared unit, almost not possible to buy anywhere else.

You'll be able to control everything that could be controlled. Including single voice Melody channel, single voice Bass channel, 4 voices Chord channel and analog Drum channel. CV/GATE output also works, so, you'll get 8 channels of CV/GATE in addition!

Midi implementation chart:
Midi channel CMU800R CV/Gate out Comments
1 Melody Ch1 1-voice
2 Bass Ch2 1-voice
3 Chord Ch3 1-voice
4 Chord
Ch4 1-voice
5 Chord Ch5 1-voice
6 Chord Ch6 1-voice
7 - Ch7 1-voice
8 - Ch8 1-voice
9 - -
10 Rhythm - 7-poly drums in GM
11-16 - -
Also support pitch shift, CCs on 01, 16, 17, 18, RPN and midi reset mesages.

Detailed manual for MIDI kit is here.

Audio Demos

If you're still not sure how you can fit it to your sound, try this
FREE SAMPLE Library to get preview for melody channel: LINK"

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