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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Rossum Electro-Music - Morpheus

Published on Jan 31, 2017 DivKidVideo

00:00 intro
00:22 feature run down
01:21 Moving Pick - modelling filters
03:21 processing - drum break
04:46 processing - flamenco guitar
06:01 processing - synth chord drone
06:22 easter egg / bonus bit? ... playstation loading sound
07:39 processing - foley / city streets
09:20 processing - full techno mix
11:37 processing - full ambient mix
13:21 expanding standard subtract synth patches
18:17 on board sequencer
19:19 creating and editing sequences
22:48 closing thoughts / outro / manual

"Oh Morpheus, you're awesome ... don't change a thing! :)

Stupidity aside Morpheus is killer. A really impressive bit of kit that I honestly feel could offer something for everyone depending on what you're looking to do. There's so many potential applications with input sources a such a wide range of filters and their 3 controls. The on board sequencer can be vast and equally powerful.

Here's the noise video [posted here] I've mentioned at several points showing more filter modes shaping noise. As noise (white noise at least) by nature is broadband it shows off the filters well."

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