MATRIXSYNTH: Using CV (Control Voltage) with Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler via Modular Synthesizer

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Using CV (Control Voltage) with Ensoniq ASR-10 Sampler via Modular Synthesizer

Published on Jan 12, 2017 TheDaydreamSound

"Yep! It’s possible to modulate Ensoniq samplers with Control Voltage signals. For the longest time I saw that Pedal*CV input jack on the back of the Ensoniq Samplers and didn’t really care too much about it. Yeah it would be nice to have one of those CV pedals that was as far as my interest went. Now that CV products are widely available from the rise of Modular Synthesizers that little CV jack means a whole lot to me.

In this video I’m using an LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) sinewave signal to modulate various destinations of there instruments on the ASR-10. In addition, I’m feeding the audio output of the ASR-10 into the modular synthesizer, combining it with a Pulse wave and modulating the both signals with a -24db ladder filter.

There are a few steps that must be completed before this your Ensoniq sampler will recognize your CV signal. It’s important to note that all Ensoniq samplers have this feature with the exception of the Mirage and the ASR-X/PRO.

Below are the steps to take:

1. Press the “EDIT” followed by the “System*MIDI” button to get into the system menu.
2. Scroll until you see the “PEDAL” page.
3. Here you will have two option one will be VOLUME the other will be MOD.
4. Set the option to “MOD”.

That’s it! This will allow the incoming CV signal to modulate any of the Ensoniq’s modulation destinations the same way you would with any of the internal modulation sources. If your looking for this modulation option source the CV input is called “PEDAL”.

Have fun!"

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