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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vintage Soviet Snalog Synthesizer Faemi-1M SN 1087160

via this auction

Some great shots in this set.

"If you've ever dreamed of a dark analog sound from the Cold War times, here it is.
Lay back and listen to its sound demos: Dropbox

Faemi-1M (Russian: Фаэми-1М) is a full analog polysynth that was made in the USSR from the late 70s to the late 80s. This is one of the last released models (1987) with the latest revisions.
The synth is a predecessor of a famous Soviet "military synthesizer" Polivoks. Both synths were produced on Formanta radio factory in Kachkanar, Russia.

The synth features:
4-octave keyboard
Main VCO
LFO with ADSR envelope
Resonance filter
The control panel has 5 sections: voltage controlled oscillator, timbre, vibrato, filter, voltage controlled amplifier.
Controls parameters:
Oscillator: sustain, tuning, glide
Timbre: 4 waveforms (imitating piano, strings, clavinet, brass) that can be mixed together with different levels
Vibrato (LFO): frequency, depth, attack delay
Filter: attack, decay, sustain, release, cutoff, resonance, modulation
Amplifier: volume

I've done full maintenance and repairs of the inside electronics:
All dried electrolytic capacitors are replaced with modern ones
Circuit board tracks that were damaged by oxidation are rebuilt with solder and patches
Keys trigger contacts and potentiometers (knobs) are cleaned up so pressing/turning causes no cracks and pops
The synth was designed for use with European 220 V, 50 Hz electrical grid, so you will need a transformer if you're running on a different voltage/frequency. Using it in a lower voltage (i.e. American 110 V) will most likely cause problems in operation."

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