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Saturday, February 04, 2017

CV Sequencer as an Oscillator Revisited - Eurorack Modular Experiment

Published on Feb 4, 2017 FatSynthDude

"I did a video of this like seven years ago, but the image quality sucked, and I recorded the audio with the damn camera like an asshole. So I thought I'd revisit the idea in a vid since the topic came up on Gearslutz. Nothing fancy going on here: Stillson Hammer mkII sends CV signals to a Make Noise STO, which in turn is clocking the Analogue Solutions Oberkorn at audio rates. From there, I'm just changing the value of different steps. I made sure to show that some basic waveshapes can be made in this video. There's a square wave I morphed into a PWM pulse by bringing harmonics in and out and there's a point where there's a double saw wave that was built (each saw was 8-steps, so essentially a series of saws played an octave up.) I also demonstrated how by having alternating steps that are minimized and maximized, you can create some square wave octave effects. And of course, I went out of my way to make unusual waveshapes just to show that a sixteen step sequencer can do all kinds of madness."

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