Wednesday, February 15, 2017

SUIKO ST10 Japanese Synth

via this auction

"Super rare SUIKO ST-10 synthesizer and sequencer.

Monophonic synthesizer with highly unusual data cassette drive sequencer.

You can use the data cassette (like an Apple II or Commodore 64!) to save sequences, and you can change the sound settings in real time as the sound plays back. Includes a new cassette for you to record your sequences to.

I included a SONY Car Cassette to Aux Adapter so you can mess with the sequencer by playing white noise, synth tones, etc through it to data bend the cassette drive. You can also use pre-recorded cassettes to mess with the sequencer. Tons of fun!

There is also a built in digital sequencer with built in memory.

Has three basic sounds that can be modified. You can use the pitch knob to do some interesting pitch bend effects as you play. There is a setting to control the decay of the note as well.

Keyboard is meant for traditional Japanese music, so the layout of the keys is in traditional Japanese scale.

Could also be used for microtonal music, as there is a slider that can shift the pitch up in a 1/4 tone increment.

Everything has been fully tested and works, except for one switch that is stuck. This switch is meant to flat or sharp one note in the scale to slightly modify the scale. This is a minor feature and doesn't effect the operation of the rest of the keyboard. Likely an easy fix."

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