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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ultimate MIDI Controller for Your Castle

via this auction

This one in via Alex.

"Antique Bridgeport organ which was digitally modified by Pro organ technician. Organ has now 61 semi weighted keys, every key is touch sensitive(you can control volume/brighteness by your playing fingers) All stops have numbers from 1 to 11(hard to see in video).By rotating first stop you can control volume, 2nd stop(push in) is power switch ON and OFF, 3rd stop is grand piano, 4th stop is electropiano1, 5th stop is electropiano2, 6th stop is organ 1, 7th stop is organ 2, 8th stop is strings, 9 and10 stops are harpsichords, 11th stop gives you variety of sounds. let's say if you push 3rd stop grand piano with 11 stop you'll get different sound of grand piano OR if you push in 8 stop strings and 11th stop you'll get vibraphone sound etc. The organ has 2 speakers, pedals on a bottom functions now as sustain pedal(right one, left one is locked). Organ also has MIDI IN and OUT, so you can use the organ as a controller or hook up other keyboard or computer. Under the hood is Yamaha NP series guts. Dimentions: 68" High, 48"wide including handles, 23" deep. Made in late 19' century."

Published on Jul 15, 2016 allvek597

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