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Friday, February 03, 2017

Yamaha DX7 with 4 Bank Sound Card & Extras

via this auction

That's one tall card.

"(1) The clean DX7, (2) the custom fitted padded hard case in GC, (3) a Yamaha DX-7 Digital Synthesizer step-by-step 139 page manual by Yasuhiko Fukuda, (4) The standard supplied DX7 Operating Manual with separate Voice Library Performance Notes, (5) the two supplied 64-voice Yamaha ROM Data Cartridges including Master Group, Keyboard & Plucked Group in the first and Orchestral & Percussive Group and Synth Complex & Effects Group in the second; 128 extra voices in all, (6) a Yamaha DX Data Cartidge RAM1 which has 32 RAM sounds; and (7) a 4-bank 128 voice RAM Microtel metal-encased cartridge I picked up in the States where I'm originally from many moons ago. (*A note about ROM and RAM in case you're unsure: ROM cartridges are Read Only Memory which means you can't twick or edit them - set in concrete. The RAM cartridges, on the other hand, can be edited or even completely replaced by whatever your creativity can come up with.) You'll have both the RAM 32 and the 4-bank RAM 128 spots to do just that - in many instances I chose not to play around (there was plenty for me as is) so there's some duplication from ROM to RAM, but again I would encourage experimentation to create your individual RAM patches. In all, there are 32 Internals, 128 ROMs, 32 RAM1s from Yamaha, and 128 RAMs in the 4-Bank Microtel for a total of 320."

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