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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Access Virus Indigo I Synth with Full Library & Patch Sheets

via this auction

"In the pics [below] you can see reference charts of Banks A-H (each bank containing 128 excellent sounds), arranged in horizontal rows: If on Banks C-H, you go down the left margin to 6, then horizontally across, you'll find mostly brass sounds. Once you've stepped through sounds 60 - 69 in bank C, then start over at 60 in D and the brass sounds continue. Likewise, the 70s row contain the string sounds. The first 4 rows (from #00 to 39) contain arpeggios and are indicated with an "A" in the lower right hand corner of the box on the reference chart.

Banks A & B consist of volatile memory that is lost when the battery dies. I just changed the battery, and loaded banks A & B from my computer using Midi-Ox and a Midiman Midisport interface. You can overwrite any of the 256 patches in these 2 banks with your new sound creations. Banks C-H consist of non-volatile memory, and survive battery replacement. The patches in these 6 banks can be overwritten, but only by loading a sysex file (similar to how I loaded A & B.) I would recommend backing up all 1024 sounds (128 patches x 8 banks) as a sysex file to your computer. You will need a USB-Midi interface to store and load this data, and to back up new sounds from banks A & B. Most synthesizers I have purchased over the years have contained mostly junk sounds apart from any factory presets. This synth is an exception. The best sounds (in my opinion) have been loaded into banks C-H. Banks A & B do contain a lot of good sounds, but this is the area where you can experiment, and store your own patches. A#79 is the only blank, labeled "init sound." I've provided a blank A & B bank reference chart for scribing and keeping track of new sounds."

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