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Sunday, March 05, 2017

Crowminius Demo

Published on Mar 4, 2017 kpsiegel

"This is a demo that was done by request of the Crowminius synthesizer. This was a Kickstarter campaign [see here] done by Scott Rider (aka Old Crow.) This synth clones a Model D in a nice case with some added features such as PWM, MIDI, and separate outputs that you can loop back to audio in to overdrive the filter. You can see I have that hooked up with the bright orange cable.

This was recorded completely dry and was not EQ'd at all. I wanted to show the synth itself pretty raw. The Crowminius was driven by my GRP R24 sequencer using the CV and Gate outputs to the Crowminius. I could have used MIDI but decided not for this demo. The sequence was just an F mixolydian repetitive 16 notes so that I could focus on showing the sound as quickly and efficiently as possible. I flip between the different wave shapes and open and close the filter as well as playing with envelopes and depth. You can hear the difference on the pulse waves when I bring PWM in and out of the sound. I tuned oscillator 2 a major third up from the primary oscillator.

I am sorry the video sort of cuts out to a still photo toward the end but my video camera ran out of batteries while recording. The plus is you can see the controls of the Crowminius."

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