MATRIXSYNTH: Dao meets Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dao meets Dr.Jekyll&Mr.Hyde

Published on Mar 13, 2017 Kinetik Laboratories

"Dao is a pattern controlled gater capable of turning every signal connected to the INPUT JACK into a rhythmic sequence, passing or muting it towards the OUTPUT JACK.

The rhythm patterns are based on the position of two knobs, PATTERN LENGTH and CHOP NUMBER, allowing an intuitive use of the device. Users can generate up to 136 patterns by setting these knobs.

The ON/BYPASS switch is used to turn the effect on and to start the pattern generation.

The CLOCK RATE knob is used to set the internal sequencer tempo.

The DECAY switch is used to choose the chopped audio slices length. Using SHORT setting is possible to obtain percussive sounds from every kind of continous sound as pads, drone and noise sounds.

Dao generates a 5 Volts pulse, at the beginning of each step, on the SYNC OUTPUT jack. It can also be synchronized to external devices using the SYNC INPUT jack. When a jack is connected to the SYNC INPUT, the CLOCK RATE knob has no effect and the sync signal is replicated to the SYNC OUTPUT allowing synchronization of compatible equipment."

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