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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dusty Revelator | Eurorack & OP-1

Published on Mar 21, 2017 Dusty Patches

"Patch notes:
Ornament & Crime in Automatonnetz mode sends voltage to four sound sources: PIttsburgh Waveforms, Braids, Clouds, and Disting in waveshaping VCO mode. The BSP sends triggers and CV to change the root note of the triad.

Waveforms is performing root note duty and is sent to Ripples. dlADSR generates an envelope patched to Gain in Ripples. Braids and Disting are sent to the Optomix and modulated by Peaks in bouncing ball envelope mode.

Braids is in WMAP mode and has a slow LFO, attenuated by ModDemix, patched to Color. Disting is in wavefolding VCO mode is similarly patched.

Clouds is in pitchshift/timestretch mode. An envelope from dlADSR, attenuated by ModDemix, is patched to Texture which behaves kinda like an LPG. I'm wiggling the Position, Size, Density, and Texture to create different sounds.

BitBox is loaded with vintage drum machine samples (Oberheim DMX) and sent to Analogue Solutions SY02 Filter for crunchifying.

Mixing and audio output is done with Happy Nerding 3xMIA and PIttsburgh Mix Mult.

Audio is routed into the OP-1 for processing with the CWO effect. There are some audio loops triggered from the tape as well."

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