MATRIXSYNTH: How to Power up to 5 x Roland Boutiques from one USB Plug

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Power up to 5 x Roland Boutiques from one USB Plug

via myVolts

Use CSRBSP at checkout to get 3.00 GBP off either a Roland Boutiques splitter cable or a Roland Boutiques splitter cable plus PSU, it’s good till Friday 31st March 2017.


"Power up to 5 Roland Boutiques from just one USB plug!

This unique myVolts 5-way power splitter lets you power up to five Roland Boutiques at once, from one USB mains power plug.

It's compatible with all the Roland Boutiques in the range - including the JX-03, VP-03, TB-03, JP-08, JU-06, TR-09 and A-01.

Option '5-way splitter PLUS PSU' includes the 5-way splitter PLUS a myVolts 5V 2000mA USB power supply adaptor, to power from one to five Boutiques.

Option '5-way splitter only' includes only the 5-way splitter, you'll need to supply your own 5V USB power adaptor. Each Roland Boutique draws up to 400mA of current, so if you want to power 5, you need a USB power adaptor capable of delivering 2000mA - like the one we bundle with it.

Cable features:

Main cable is 1 metre in length
Cable splits into 5 male plug connectors to fit the Boutiques, each one is 0.7m in length
myVolts-branded band keeps the cables tight
Canary yellow cabling makes it easy to spot amongst your other gear
Comes with a myVolts-branded Velcro cable tie
PSU features:

5V DC voltage output
2000mA (or 2A) maximum current output. Each Boutique draws only the current it needs from the max current available.
Worldwide voltage input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Worldwide plugs faces for UK / EU / US / AUD included - snap on and off in seconds."


  1. It will make a lot of trouble regarding ground loop. lol

  2. come and check the group called 'roland boutique salon' @ FB. I formulated better solutions.



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