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Friday, March 24, 2017

Metzger Archimedes: A Bipolar CV Modulator & Limiter Eurorack Module on Kickstarter

The Metzger Technologies Archimedes was first featured here back in July of 2016.

It is now on Kickstarter - looks like it reached the goal of $3000 as well.

"Archimedes is a Bipolar Dynamic Signal Manipulator that is designed for the Eurorack Modular Synthesizer format.

The module is 10hp wide, 38mm deep, and the current draw is: 90mA on +12 / 90mA on -12.

Archimedes takes in a +5 / -5 volt signal (Oscillator, LFO, Noise, Random) and processes the positive and negative sections separately with CV control over everything, and is AC / DC capable as there is no filtering on all of the inputs and outputs.

It is comprised of 3 linear sections: 2 Bipolar Rectifiers -> Offset -> 2 Bipolar Limiting Rails

This module has a lot of uses: CV able bipolar half wave rectification over the positive and negative sections of a bipolar input signal, full wave rectification, VCA, bipolar VCA, crossfader, offset, CV able bipolar limiting rails, feedback path destroyer, wave shaping, distortion, asymmetrical & symmetrical clipping, and more.

The final prototype (pilot) for Archimedes has been thoroughly tested and is ready for launch and all the design work has been finished, but we need to spend a fair amount of money to buy components in quantity, PCBs, as well as get anodized aluminum metal photo front panels.

All of our vendors are lined up and ready to provide us with parts and the only thing we're waiting on are people like you to help us manufacture Archimedes. After the launch we are hoping to introduce more Metzger Technologies products and increase our global dealer network.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges that come with completing Archimedes are quite small, as we have a working prototype. The design has been thoroughly tested over many months and the current version of the prototypes have been built, tested and confirmed that they are ready for fabrication. All the components have been sourced and ready for purchase.

We have experienced & qualified assembly technicians on standby here in Portland, Oregon USA, where your module will be manufactured with the utmost care and respect. All employees of Metzger Technologies have experience in the music technology business, with our Founder / President having nearly a decade's worth and our talented Electrical Engineers having an accumulated 50+ years under their belts. We do not foresee any problems coming up that we can't solve rather easily."

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