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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moog Modular Model 12 Synthesizer P-cabinet Package

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"Custom Moog Model 12 Package includes:

902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (vintage Moog Music)
902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (vintage Moog Music)
904A Voltage Controlled Low-Pass Filter (Moog Music Custom Engineering)
904B Voltage Controlled High-Pass Filter (Moog Music Custom Engineering)
911 Envelope Generator (vintage Moog Music)
911 Envelope Generator (vintage Moog Music)
921A Oscillator Driver (vintage Moog Music)
921B Oscillator (Moog Music Custom Engineering)
921B Oscillator (Moog Music Custom Engineering)
921 Oscillator (vintage Moog Music)
994 Multiples panel (vintage Moog Music)
1 Single space blank panel (vintage Moog Music)
C3PO 4 input CP3 mixer – Custom module, Moog Music Custom Engineering ** see note below
1 Model 12 lower panel (vintage Moog Music w/ R.A. Moog era CP3 mixer circuit board)
1 S-trigger Y-cord
1 S-trigger long cord
1 power cord
1 Technical Service Manual – Moog Modular Systems (Norlin)
1 CP-251 Moog Control Processor, brand new in the box. (current Moog Music, Ashville, NC.)

P-cabinet: 16 Amphenol power connectors, new International Power 75 watt power supply, -6 / +12 / -10 volt outputs. All internal wiring is new, including power supply, control voltage and s-trigger 1, 2, 3 busses, Amphenol connectors, ¼” audio outputs, fuses, power cord socket, all new. The 6 pin and 3 pin Moog accessory power outputs are both available on the rear of the cabinet. There is also a heavy-duty carrying handle in addition to the traditional vinyl handle on the top of the cabinet. The P–cabinet detachable front panel is included. The P-cabinet shows some signs of its 40+ year age. The Tolex is torn in several small places on the rear of the unit. The cabinet itself is solid.

There is no keyboard included. There are no ¼” patch cords included.

** C3PO 4-input CP3 mixer – Custom module: This module was made by Moog Music Custom Engineering. It is a 1 space module containing the CP3 4-channel mixer portion of a CP3 lower row panel. It has 4-inputs, channels 1,2 and 3 have their own volume knob, and channel 4 volume is set by the Master output level. There are both + and – outputs. Note that the Model 12 lower panel in this unit also has the R.A. Moog era CP3 transistor based mixer board.

Each module has been completely calibrated per the calibration procedures found in the Moog Technical Service Manual. An oscilloscope was used to calibrate all waveforms, and a digital frequency counter was used to calibrate the oscillator and filter CV tracking. All the wiring in the P-cabinet is new. The power wiring harness uses 4 conductor cables. This allows the -6v / +12v / -10v / Ground outputs from the power supply to be available on all module power connectors. The old style 901 oscillators require the -10v line to be present, so this P-cabinet is ready if you choose to use 901’s at some time in the future. Stainless steel and black-oxide screws, bolts, washers, and nuts were used to replace aging hardware where needed.

This Model 12 sounds great. Everything works, and it’s ready to go when you get it. The restoration work has been done. This Model 12’s configuration is augmented by the included CP-251 Moog Control Processor. With the Moog CP-251, you also get a dedicated LFO, a 4-channel Audio/CV mixer, 4-way multiples, Sample/Hold, a Lag Processor, 2 reverse attenuators, Noise, and all the patch points needed to integrate it with the Model 12.

Local pickup is available in the San Diego, CA area. Shipping will be to USA addresses only. Buyer will pay for all shipping costs. Buyer will need to contact me to arrange for shipping. The approximate weight and dimensions of everything included in this auction is: 55 lbs. 36"x24"x18" Note: The Ebay displayed shipping cost is not correct. Please use the 55 lbs. weight and 36"x24"x18" approximate dimensions to calculate an approximate shipping cost."

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