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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Newtonian Random Rhythms

Published on Mar 9, 2017 kuxaan sum

"Rocky Mountain Synth Meetup Lightning Patch Walkthroughs

Newtonian Random Rhythms

This patch is based around the [ADDAC] 503 Marble Physics module which is a CV generator based on the mechanics behavior of a marble on a tray.

You can, by voltage control, tilt the plane or bump the marble with a certain strength, which will cause it to roll and bounce on elastic walls.

The module will output the object's XY position or velocity and you can control other physical parameters, like the walls' elasticity or the strength of a bump. When the marble hits walls the bounce outputs a trigger.

I am using the trigger out to randomize patterns in the Malekko Varigate8 in Random mode which seeds logical gates into the patterns.

I am using a 4ms Quad Clock Distributor module to control the Varigate8+ clock and using a divide by 16 to clock the marble physics bump feature to initiate bounce output.

The elasticity of the walls is being controlled by bipolar out of Noise Engineering SincIter which is being driven by the Voltage Block slaved to the Varigate8+.

The Freeze of Random seeding is controlled by the envelope out from SSF Entity (which is also receiving randomized trigs from the Varigate8+) module via an envelope follower.

The Xaoc Devices Batumi is controlling various parameters of the Marbe Physics module along with controlling the WMD Performance Mixer Volume/Pan level with help from the 4ms Pingable LFO which is slaved to the 4ms QCD."

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