MATRIXSYNTH: Roland Juno-DS Ambient Soundscapes 2017 Synthesizer Demo Rik Marston DS61 Synth

Friday, March 17, 2017

Roland Juno-DS Ambient Soundscapes 2017 Synthesizer Demo Rik Marston DS61 Synth

Published on Mar 16, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland Juno-DS Ambient Soundscapes 2017
Synthesizer Demo by Rik Marston 100% No Talking!
**Watch in HD** Turn it up!! Pure Juno-DS Power!

This synth is so fun to use. It sounds great out of the box.
Worth the price you pay & more. Can't believe I waited...
Happy I got one now. A keeper? Possibly!! We'll see.... ;)
The Juno-DS is a GREAT tool to use for recording, playing
& tweaking... getting that idea down & making it sound A+!
I haven't used the sample feature or vocoder yet, but I've hit just about everything else! I love the price, good for everyone's budget!
If you have seen my videos & the types of synthesizers I've
used, you will know this is something if I go off on a synth...

Here are the Patch names & location in the video:

1. Aerial Choir @ 00:04
2. Analog Dream @ 03:17
3. Chorus LS @ 05:31
4. Film Cue @ 07:45
5. Magic Wave @ 10:42
6. Paradise @ 12:21
7. Space Flute @ 13:55
8. House Clav @ 15:15
9. Syn-Orch/Mod @ 17:18

NO -it's NOT Analog (Seriously? Did you go there?)
NO -the keybed is a bit poopie and short....
NO -it won't sit still when I play & push a bit... (It's light!)
NO -it doesn't have a D-Beam on it...
NO -it does not have a 16 track sequencer...
NO -it's MIDI Input & Output are dead center -useless for
Ultimate Support stands like the Apex, Deltex, ETC...

But it is a BLAST to use the Phrase Sequencer on the Fly...
The sounds are NICE & Crisp, Dirty & Nasty, Sweet & Sour
when I want them to be... Plus the extra virtual expansion
slot is pretty awesome, too!!! Did I mention it can be used
as a MIDI controller for your DAW, too? Well there you go...

It's not PERFECT but PERFECT for what I am going to be doing,
the JUNO-DS will be featured on my latest Ambient CD called "33" due out FALL 2017. These RAW tracks are a little taste of what is
in the works! No external effects used, just recorded DRY right
into Ableton Live 7.

Give the person who designed the color LED light show
a GIANT RAISE! I love that I can CUSTOMIZE the colors of
the Phrase Pads to fit my mood, the show or ACID TRIP!!!
Right now my pads are lit PURPLE with BLUE.... :P
I wish I could customize all of my synthesizer LED setups...

Thank you for watching!
More Synthesizer Demos &
Ambient Chill Zen Music
(C)2017 Rik Marston"

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