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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tsurugami - At The Gallery - New Album

Published on Mar 5, 2017 Tsurugami

"The project Tsurugami arose from the desire to extend the spontaneous improvisation by compositional elements. Based on a guest performance of the STS (Synthesizer Treffen Schweiz) in the gallery Fafou in October 2014 the idea was created to realize this wish by musical interpretations of several paintings and pictures.

Like an artist creates a final painting on a blank canvas, a finalized picture was used as a blank canvas for the musical interpretation.

Tsurugami presented the idea to the gallery owners and these contacted the artists. The feedback then allowed the three musicians to agree on the realisation of music for six pictures.

Equipped with several instruments, the musicians met at the gallery Fafou in May 2016, which gratefully was provided by the owners.

Tsurugami implemented the creative process for all of the pieces in the same way. At the beginning they selected one of the six pictures. Then each member outlined his perceptions and musical imagination related to the picture to each other. The next step was the independent creative preparation of a musical idea, which was then exchanged and discussed. The discussion finally resulted in the structure of the composition.

The first take of the basics (drums, sequencer, harmonic structure) almost always lead to just one additional take of overdubs (additional pads, solos and fx sounds).

With this concept it was possible to create and record six different songs in just three days. The final mix was done in summer at an additional weekend.

Now Tsurugami is happy to present the result and bring the project finally to its end.

We used paintings and pictures from:
Reto Bühler - Sehnsucht
Urs Sohmer - Tänzer durch Welt und Zeit
Marlies Gerson - Diva
Dani Brechbühl - Estrecho de Magallanes
Frau Edixa - Michael & Celeste
artsilvan - Think About It"

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