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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Vako Orchestron Optical Disc Playback Sampler

Published on Mar 24, 2017 optigandotcom

"Here's a demo of all 8 original discs that were made for the Vako Orchestron (we're now starting to make new discs- see This keyboard, which is adapted from the Mattel Optigan, was introduced in 1975 by Dave VanKoevering. It was intended to be a competitor to the Mellotron, but it never really took off. Kraftwerk was a very early adopter of this instrument. I've included little examples of some of the well-known parts Kraftwerk used their Orchestron for back in the day.

My Orchestron is in fairly average working condition. You'll note that I had a bit of trouble with one of the high F keys. Also, note the substantial level of radio interference, which I've muted during disc changes.

Anyone interested in more information about the Orchestron and related instruments can find lots of stuff at my website,

Also, to purchase a sample CD with all the Orchestron sounds (as well as Optigan and Talentmaker sounds), please visit here:

Sound was recorded direct to a Zoom H2."


Optigan / Orchestron Master Tape Vault feat. "Kraftwerk Choir" Tape/Demo

Published on Apr 13, 2017 optigandotcom

"Since there's been some interest this week, here's a quick video of the Optigan/Orchestron master tape vault, ie my library closet. Sorry for my incoherent rambling. Highlighted is the tape containing the famous Orchestron Vocal Choir sound that Kraftwerk used during the mid-late 70s on several albums/songs. Here I demonstrate probably the most recognizeable Kraftwerk Orchestron bit, the sustained chord from "Uranium." New Order later sampled this chord from the Kraftwerk record and used it in "Blue Monday."

You can get this and all the other Optigan/Orchestron sounds, both recorded from the instruments/discs themselves and also in their pristine studio-quality versions from the master tapes here:

Also, you can see me demonstrating an actual Orchestron with this choir sound (though I get the Uranium chord wrong) in this video: [above]

Lastly, if you own an Optigan or Orchestron, we reissued this choir sound on disc:"

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  1. I can remember visiting the Florida Music Shop/manufacturing firm who have the orchestron out first and to my knowledge was the inventor located in the states. The keyboard player I was with bought one, He had it shipped to Indiana and got a second one. The gentleman was having a dispute at the time whereby he told Bob Moog that the future of synthesis had hit a wall. The plastic records were the future. Looking back, only the sampling and cost of modeling synthesis has changed. Nothing more. Synthesis had hit a brick wall but certainly wasn’t finished. His argument with Bod took priority of advertising and artist promotion by putting a few free ones in the proper hands.



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