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Monday, April 17, 2017

Infused Candy | OP-1 and Modular Synth Jam

Published on Apr 17, 2017 Dusty Patches

"Patch notes

Bass synth is Waveforms Saw into MI Ripples LP4
Detuned pad is Braids _|_|_|_|_ (a sine wave/comb filter) into Optomix
Clean pad is Disting Waveshaping VCO into Optomix
Clouds is in pitchshift/timestretch mode for granular synthesis
Bitbox loaded with drum samples in SY02 multimode filter
Lead is OP-1 in pulse synth engine with tremolo LFO

Ornament & Crime is in CopierMaschine mode, a cascaded analog shift register. It's sending pitch to all of the eurorack synth voices. A sequence from the Beatstep Pro is patched to CV1. The outputs are delayed and produces a cascading effect.

Peaks (with Dead Man's Catch) is in Bouncing Ball Envelope mode and modulating the Optomix. It's in split mode, or dual channel mode. Knobs 1+3 control initial velocity and gravity. Knobs 2+4 control bounce energy loss.

dlADSR generates an envelope for the Waveforms Saw bass and the Clouds granular synth. Two slow triangle LFOs are patched to Moddemix, attenuated, and patched to Braids Timbre and Disting Waveshaper. The sum of these LFOs are patched to FM on Ripples.

The Rest

Sequencing is done on the Beatstep Pro. Mixing is done with the K-Mix."

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