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Monday, April 10, 2017

Kawai K3 Digital Wave Memory Synthesizer

via this auction

Pic of the waveform chart.


Oscillators OSC1 WAVE 0-33 Silence, 31 factory waveforms (see below), a user-definable waveform and white noise are the options here.
RANGE 16/8/4 16/8/4' footages for both oscillators.
PORTA SPEED 0-99 Fast to slow portamento.
BALANCE -15/+15 Volume mix between the two oscillators.
PITCH BEND 1-7 Bend wheel range in semitones from +/-1 semitones to +/- a 5th.
AUTO BEND —31/+31 Defeated if portamento is on, this parameter produces a bend up or down to the note played, with time determined by the LFO delay time.
OSC 2 WAVE As for OSC 1. OSC 2 COARSE -24/+24 Tuning relative to OSC 1, in semitones. OSC 2 FINE —10/+10 Fine tuning for richer sounds.
VCF CUTOFF 0-99 Quite a powerful Low Pass filter, but without Band Pass or other options.
RESONANCE 0-31 Including self-oscillation at a setting of 31 for special effects.
LOW CUT 0-31 Setting of a High Pass filter for reducing the bass element of a sound.
ENV AMOUNT 0-31 The Filter Envelope is a conventional ADSR which is brought into play here. (Click image for higher resolution version)
ADSR 0-31 Separate parameters.
VCA LEVEL 0-31 Programmable overall level for each sound.
ADSR 0-31 Separate parameters.
LFO SHAPE 1-7 Triangle, Saw, Reverse Saw, Square, Inverted Square, Random and Chromatic Random, the last of these being quite useful.
SPEED 0-99 Speed of vibrato, wow or other modulation effect.
DELAY 0-31 Also used by Auto Bend, bringing in modulation effects after a fixed delay - of course, you can bring in modulation with the pressure sensitivity, but there's no modulation wheel, so you may find yourself setting the incrementor to 28 as I did and using it as a performance control!
OSC, VCF, VCA 0-31. Independent setting of vibrato, wow and tremolo depths.
TOUCH SENSE VELO VCF 0-15 VELO VCA 0-15 PRES OSC BAL 0-15 PRES VCF 0-15 PRES VCA 0-15 PRES LFO-OSC 0-15 A highly versatile section, offering any depth of velocity or pressure response for Filter and VCA, plus Oscillator Balance and Modulation Depth on pressure only. Choosing very different waveforms for the two oscillators can produce interesting PPG-like effects using the balance parameter to fade up OSC 2. KCV VCF -15/+15 Keyboard control voltage opens or closes the filter as you play further up the keyboard.
VCA —15/+15 Opens or closes VCA as you play up the keyboard, useful for simulating piano response of deeper strings.
CHORUS 0-7 Seven modes as listed in text."

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