MATRIXSYNTH: Modded Roland SH101 SN 264224

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Modded Roland SH101 SN 264224

via this auction

Appears to be the Novamod.

"3 step Switch to change LFO speed range from low to medium to very high

Rotary knob that changes Pulse Width Modulation source - I dont know what the sources are but it sounds different in character as you switch

External audio jack switch and amount knob

Overdrive which adds distortion

FM Source with associated Amount knob which changes the tone to more metallic as you expect for FM

There are also two jacks LFO Ext and VCF Ext which may be input modulation sources for the LFO and VCF so you can connect to a modular system for example and run your own wave forms through this synth and take advantage of its filter and so forth

When you turn the LFO Ext switch it disconnects the internal LFO so the jack must be for an external LFO input

Suffice to say the mods add a whole new dimension to the well known sound of this classic synth."

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