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Sunday, April 02, 2017

Roland V-Synth Time Tripping 2017 Synthesizer Varaphrase Synth Rik Marston

Published on Apr 2, 2017 SynthgodXXX

"Roland V-Synth Time Tripping 2017
Synth demo by Rik Marston
100% No Talking! Just PURE V-Synth POWER!

Yes! A demo of the V-Synth's TIME TRIP PAD
on Pads, Vocals & FX patches! I love this synth!
It's still on my TOP 10 list of BEST SYNTHS EVER.
Just the ability to shape the sound with the tip
of your finger with the TIME TRIP PAD or the palm
of your hand with the DUAL D-BEAMS, I wish that
ROLAND had designed MORE synths with these
types of controllers... SO LISTEN UP, ROLAND!!
We want a NEW TIME TRIP PAD in your newest
synthesizers coming out in 2018 & 2019!!
'Fat Chance' LOL I still can wish, right??

Here are the Patch names & locations in the video:

1. Ask4weather @ 00:07
2. Psychotic @ 01:17
3. Ambient Hold @ 02:32
4. Tuvan Lows @ 08:17
5. Stormy Mars @ 11:40
6. Machine Choir @ 15:53

Anyway here are a few examples of the
TIME TRIP PAD in action, along with some
tweaking of the PITCH, TIME & FORMANT
knobs... you can design some seriously strange
sounds with the V-Synth. It can be a challenge
to hit the right PITCH, the knobs can be very
sensitive while tweaking, as you can hear in
the video, I am not PITCH CHALLENGED.. LOL!!!
The cash value for this synth should be going UP
in price second hand SO GET ONE NOW before it
goes up to $1,500 used!!!! TRUST ME!! IT WILL!!!
(Sampler+VA Synth+Audio In+Unique Controllers....)

Thank you for watching!"

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