MATRIXSYNTH: STEIM Cracklebox | 2005 edition #287 of 500

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

STEIM Cracklebox | 2005 edition #287 of 500

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"From the STEIM Website, by way of introduction:

'Welcome to the world of Crackle.

Michel Waisvisz designed and built the very first Crackle circuit in the late 60ties together with Geert Hamelberg. This was simply a wooden frame with some print boards mounted rear-side up to be touched by the fingers. The circuits were ‘malformed’ oscillators that were very unstable and highly sensitive for finger connections. The Crackle circuit, as well as the powered speaker box, were battery powered to avoid hum and repeated exposure to dangerous electrical shocks. In 1973 Michel Waisvisz joined STEIM and started working on more touchable electronic instruments together with Peter Beyls, Nico Bes and Johan den Biggelaar, and by the mid-seventies they had created both the ‘Crackle Synth’ and the ‘Crackle Box’...'

I bought this item from STEIM in 2005 when I was in a band, doing this kind of stuff. I'm not anymore but I do need cash to pay the rent, so I'm going to let this delightful and crazy machine go to someone who'll use it for what it's meant for, which is making weird electronic music.

The cracklebox is a beautiful thing. The wooden case feels amazing in the hand, and this example, mine, is in perfect nick. I treasured it and kept it safe from knocks or scratches. The playing surface is so tactical. Anyone who sees it, has to touch it. And anyone who touches it, smiles when they do as it responds to every nuance of movement. Now, I used to mic this up and run it through an ableton channel - I've seen folks add an audio out for a 100% wet line, I always meant to do that but never did, it worked just fine in the air - this cracklebox is 100% original and unmodded. It's lovely the way it's meant to be.

It's also 100% functional. It takes a little learning what that means; the cracklebox is a strange beast, but she'll reward your investment and give you back more than you give.

If you're looking for a way to set yourself apart, then this box will turn heads wherever and however you play it."

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