MATRIXSYNTH: 3 Modules #8: Maths, Peaks, Clouds

Sunday, May 21, 2017

3 Modules #8: Maths, Peaks, Clouds

Published on May 21, 2017 Comparative Irrelevance

"I call this one 'demented drummer'. Clouds and Maths means you know this is going to be intricate and unpredictable. I love how the results can shift wildly by the slightest adjustment of the controls here, and how tweaking one knob on Maths can affect multiple parts of the patch in different ways.

Patch notes:
The sound source is Peaks’ secondary drum mode, the digital drum synth, which has four controls (from top to bottom): pitch, FM/pitch sweep, decay time and tone color (from tonal to noise). I’m manually changing these parameters to tweak the sound. Peaks’ channels are triggered by Maths’ EOR and EOC gate outputs respectively.

Maths is also modulating itself, to create some interesting "drum patterns". The EOR/EOC gates each trigger cycle mode for the opposite channel, and the sum and inverted sum outputs modulate the cycle rate for channel 1 and 4 respectively. This means that as the rate of one increases, the other decreases.

Peaks’ outputs are mixed together in the Quadratt, and the mix is sent to Clouds, which is in "looping delay" mode. Delay time (position) and loop size (size) are modulated by Maths’ unity function outputs from ch. 1 and 4 respectively. Freeze, which loops the delay buffer, is engaged by the OR output from Maths. I’m manually tweaking Clouds’ dry/wet mix, feedback and reverb amounts, as well as the input filter (texture) and pitch shift to create changes in the patch.

No external effects are used this time. :)

Thanks for watching!"

All parts here.

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