MATRIXSYNTH: ambient modular jam (braids, ripples, tides, maths, 0-coast, penrose)

Friday, May 26, 2017

ambient modular jam (braids, ripples, tides, maths, 0-coast, penrose)

Published on May 26, 2017 ollilaboratories

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Ok, so I have seen loads of these ambient dreamy sessions with modulars.. and I wanted to give it a shot now that I have my own eurorack :D. Please have some patience with me, this is not really my forté ... just trying to dip my toes in a bit :) Also I'm becoming painfully aware that I need a slight bit more modulation in order to get things like this to the next level... but...whatever, its supposed to be fun right ? :D

So here we go:

Mutable instruments braids is being quantized by the penrose.. which is being fed with a cycled envelope in the maths which is partially controlled by the tides. Also filter gets some modulation from the second maths channel .. it's a bit messy in the middle as you can see.

0-coast handles the bass drone, which is being clocked internally with the contour on max.. pulling this down later I designed the bass drone to resemble a kickdrum .. for a little buildup :D

The beatstep is not used on this one, everything is running free in the modular and 0-coast.

FX on the modular rack is, earthquaker devices, space spiral, transmisser (at the end) and caverns modulated reverd. 0-coast gets some timeline delay treatment + bluesky shimmer on the top."

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