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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Future Retro Transient Demos

Published on May 14, 2017 FutureRetroSynths


1. Future Retro Transient K Factor 1 Preset

"The K Factor preset in the Transient allows an external CV signal to select the sample to play for both voices. Knob K1 affect the offset for modulation both oscillator waveforms, and knob K2 adjusts the frequency of the modulation oscillators. This then allows you to morph or fade between two samples to create all sorts of fills, transitions, and variations.

How long can you tweak a preset? The results are nearly endless."

2. Future Retro Transient K Factor 2 Preset - same description as above.

3. Future Retro Transient ForeverOn Preset

"This video starts out with the RUOK preset. This preset is entirely randomized, producing a different sound each time a new Trigger is received. The ForeverOn preset is partially randomized with more control over other aspects of the sound. Both of these presets show some of the capabilities for use in "glitch" type music."

4. Future Retro Transient MellowDayz Preset

"Close your eyes and you might make the mistake that you are listening to analog percussion sounds coming from the EMS Synthi 100. In fact all sounds generated here are just the Transient. The MellowDayz preset demonstrates how you can 'tune' the rhythm much more quickly than dialing up sounds and generating patterns on traditional drum machines."

5. Future Retro Transient Various Presets

"This video demonstrates several presets in the Transient. Some of these presets show some of the sound effects the Transient can generate, while others show beat-making presets."

6. Future Retro Transient triggered with a Microphone and Oscillator

"For fun I hooked up a microphone to a little mixer, then ran the output of the mixer into the Transient's Trig In jack. After adjusting the output level of the mic, why yes you can trigger the Transient sounds with audio such as clapping or snapping your fingers. If that works, why not try talking into the mic? Well at times it is almost intelligible, and would probably sound better mixing the dry signal of my voice with the Transient's output.

And then I test out just how fast the Transient will respond to audio rates using the Oscillator from the XS routed to the Transient's Trig In. Often more interesting if the oscillator is being modulation by some additional source, as I am doing here with the LFO from the XS.

And finally I show it can be fun to take and LFO syncing to our clock, and change the rate of the LFO controlling the mix of voices in the Transient.

I'm sure there are lots of interesting results you will obtain with the Transient being controlled by the plethora of modules you already have in your Eurorack system."

8. Future Retro Transient Kicks*Hats*Snares Presets

"Here the same Gate/CV/Accent signals are sent from the Orb sequencer to two Transient modules. One plays the kicks, the other the hi-hats. Then a short example of variations for snare rolls."

9. Future Retro Transient

"A small sample of what the Transient drum module does. An Orb sequencer is triggering and sending CV and Accent to the Transient. A touch of reverb was applied from an Eventide Eclipse."

10. Futureretro Transient drum module - playing with presets

"During the SXSW Synth Expo we shot some footage while playing with some of the Preset sounds currently in the Transient drum module. Eventually there will be 216 preset sounds to get users started quickly, and for use as templates when creating your own custom sounds that can be stored in any of the 40 user memory locations.

Listen to presets like CL-CL-CLAPS, ZAP!, and SPIKEPHASE… and notice the humanization the Transient provides to ordinary samples.

All sounds recorded direct from the Transient output, no further effects have been applied."

11. Futureretro Transient drum module - Metropolis Preset

"Although the Transient is designed to be a single voice drum module, it can sound as though more complicated beats are being generated by allowing external CV's to control sample selection."

12. Futureretro Transient and Revolution at the Synth Expo SXSW 2017

"Here's some footage filmed at the Synth Expo SXSW 2017. 2x Orb sequencer units were triggering 2x Transient drum modules, while the Revolution synced to the Orb and provided the bassline.

Unfortunately the volume levels were mixed on headphones in a noisy environment so apologies for the Revolution being a bit loud in parts."

13. Futureretro Transient Now Shipping

"May 30th 2017, Futureretro release the Transient drum module."

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