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Sunday, May 28, 2017

KAWAI K5m Digital Multi-Dimensional Synthesizer SN 115510

via this auction

Update: Someone wrote in questioning this listing for a number of reasons including the higher than normal price, especially considering the issue with volume slider, as well as the description being pulled from another site, and it stating these are easy to program. Ease of programmability of course is subjective, but I agree, owning a K5000s, a newer additive synth from Kawai, they are less intuitive to program than your standard subtractive analog. Regarding the listing being legit, one, the seller did not have to mention the issue with the volume slider but did, two, SN 115510 has not been listed here, so the images are new as far as I know, and three, when you buy through eBay, ALWAYS buy through eBay and abide by their rules. If you do, you will be covered by their buyer protection, if you don't you won't. It's as simple as that. As for the price, it is higher as you can see via a quick search on the site and checking other listings. And of course always check the seller's feedback. In short, always do your due diligence when buying online.

"The Kawai K5 offers all the sound-creating power of additive synthesis technology in an affordable, user-friendly format. This enables you to construct sounds from their harmonic components, the same way they are created in nature. With the K5, you can control the relative amplitude of up to 126 harmonic sine waves! This yields unprecedented clarity and accuracy for recreating natural sounds or developing your own unique timbres. And, because it is so natural, the KS's programming system will be easy for you to master. But that's just the beginning. The complex waveforms produced by harmonic manipulation can be passed through filters, amplifiers, LFOs, envelope generators and other processors with which you may already be familiar. These provide the kind of precise articulation control for which analog synthesizers are well-known. So you're getting the best of both worlds -- digital clarity and analog control in one comprehensive, performance-oriented package."

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