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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Mode Machines ADX1 (ADX-1) Analog Drum Machine / Synthesizer

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"The Mode Machines ‘ADX-1’ is a fully Analog Drum Machine featuring a powerful 5 channel Analog Drum Expander with individual outputs, MIDI control and infinite amounts of sound tones thanks to its generous amount of knobs to control its parameters.

The 5 Channels provide different sound palettes:

METAL: is used to create cymbal sounds and consists of two different Metallic-sounding Generators, Two Filters, Envelope/Modulation options, Decay and Release.
HIHAT: consists of one Metallic-sounding Noise Generator and one “Clean” Signal, Pitch control, Mix, Modulation, Filter, Envelope Modulation, Decay and Release.
SNARE: is created by one Metallic-sounding Noise Generator through Two Band Pass Filters connected in Parallel, Decay and Release.
SYNTH: is used to create sounds like Bells or Synthesizers and consists of 3 Sinus Oscillators, FM and Bend for a wide palette of sounds, Attack and Release.
BASS: consists of one Sinus Oscillator, with Pitch Control; additional Overtones can be created by Frequency Modulation. Attack simulates the “Pluck” of a bass string, Release to control the length and Distortion available for dirtier sounds.


ADX-1 5 Channel Analog Drum Machine
51 Knobs — no menus or button combinations, every parameter instantly available
8 controls per channel allowing you to create a wide range of sounds
The individual channels can be auditioned with the Trigger buttons or via MIDI
Each channel has a Panorama control and a Volume control
Individual outputs at the rear of the device for external mixing
When any of these outputs are connected to another mixing device, the signal(s) is not separated from the master output
Two master outputs (left/right)
MIDI ports (IN/THRU)
ON/OFF switch
Power Jack AC 12 Volt
MIDI Channel Switch"

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