MATRIXSYNTH: Patchblocks KickMaiker Kick drum designer + 919Tom (demo)

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Patchblocks KickMaiker Kick drum designer + 919Tom (demo)

Published on May 7, 2017 Maikshift Planet

"Introducing the KickMaiker 'kick drum designer' patch for Patchblocks and 919Tom patch. KickMaiker is available from the Patchblocks forum ( and the 919Tom ( Both also in the Patchblocks Community database.

RECORDING: 2xPatchblocks -into- Passive Mixer -into- Korg Electribe Aux-input -out- Electribe main outputs. (Sorry about the hiss - that's coming from the Electribe)

This patch was inspired by the certain well known plugin for Kick Designer VST that is popular with electronic music producers.
I wanted something similar, but hardware so I designed my own for Patchblocks!

919Tom & KickMaiker: Full details and documentation coming soon...

Parameter Page 1
Left Knob = Decay (affects the amplitude and pitch envelopes)
Right Knob = Tuning (quantised to nearest semitone)

Parameter Page 2
Left Knob = PEG Shape (8 Pitch Envelope Generator Preset Shapes)
Right Knob = PEG Depth (Controls the depth of the Pitch EG applied)

Parameter Page 3
Left Knob = Click Type (Combined Click sample wave/ sample pitch control)
Right Knob = Click Decay/Volume (Bi-direction control)
NOTE: From center position turn left or right to increase Envelope Decay. The right side is loud, the left side is softer."

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