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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

VIRTUAL Yamaha DX-7 / DX-7II Programmer for Logic

The editor is available on eBay here, or Reverb here.

"This software is a virtual synthesizer programmer for use with any 6-operator Yamaha FM Synthesizer. Designed originally for the DX-7 or DX-7II series, it can also be used with any other 6-operator Yamaha synth - but is only compatible at the VOICE level. Therefore on a synth like the TX-802, you can edit the individual 6-operator FM sound of any one voice, but not the Multi setups involving multiple voices.

The editor lives in a software environment within the APPLE LOGIC audio/sequencer program (formerly Emagic Logic). To use this software you MUST have a valid copy of LOGIC on your computer (see below) as well as a MIDI interface which connects your computer via MIDI cable to your hardware synthesizer. This software can NOT be used as a stand alone application under any circumstances. It is not a plug-in and is not compatible with VST, Ableton, AU or any other plug-in format.

Upon purchase, you will ultimately receive a ZIP archive of the editor you purchased for Logic.UNZIP this archive and you will have a choice of LOGIC song documents you can now open in the Logic program, either original DX-7 or DX-7II version. In general, please select the version that more closely resembles your particular model. With first generation FM synths like the DX-1, DX-5, TX-7 and TX816 use the DX-7 version - and for the DX-7S and TX-802 you should use the DX-7II version.

Once open, you will see the editor on your screen and you can then discover the pleasures of a VIRTUAL DX-7 programmer for your Yamaha synthesizer! Your screen should look like the attached pictures here once you open the document - with one page each on two monitors if you use two (DX-7II only). Adjust your screen sets accordingly for complete ergonomic satisfaction in your programming style and needs.

This editor is the result of a concept I had for programming the DX-7 synth in a fluid and intuitive way. It uses one set of master controls for ALL six operators so you may control between 1-6 operators at the same time with one set of ganged controls. Typically, DX-7 programmers use a different set of controls for each individual operator - forcing you to make moves up to six times for something simple like longer ATTACK time or the like. I always hated this aspect of programming the DX-7 as it was repetitive and cumbersome. So I conceived this approach, and if you look at the photo of the main page you will see there is ONE set of controls for ALL the operator parameters as well as controls for the non-operator parameters. It will make your programming experience of the DX-7 more like that of an analog synth on one level, but it also allows complete control of all the deep complexities of 6-op FM synthesis.

Another benefit of this approach is that ALL the DX-7 parameters are on one small page and you will not have to page around to make basic moves. (The DX-7II has one extra page for DX-7II Performance level parameters). I have also included a RESET function which you can use for 1-6 operators or at a PATCH or PERFORMANCE level. This adds a lot of speed to programming as it will set your synth to an INIT state for the parameters you wish to RESET.

All real time moves are recordable by the Logic sequencer for repeatable real time changes on playback. Or as an option you can automate these parameters with LOGIC'S hyperdraw function. You may also remotely control these SYSEX faders and buttons via a hardware control surface if you take the time to tailor the controls to suit your individual hardware. This is not difficult to do and needs only be done once and then saved for future sessions.

This programmer resides in one layer of the LOGIC environment hierarchy - and is importable to your personal AUTOLOAD song (notes on how to do so are also included). It is not a plug-in, but a page in the environment which can be imported into your song documents or run alongside your current work simultaneously as a second song.

Detailed documents are included with your purchase and cover all aspects of usage - both remedial and advanced.


This editor is brand new but is still compatible with many different versions of Logic starting with Emagic MAC Version 4.x. It is compatible with ALL versions of Logic through vX. It is also compatible with Logic Express v7 - 9. If you have a version 8 Logic you must use v 8.01 or higher which fixes a SYSEX bug that renders v8.0 inoperable.

This editor is also compatible with the v4 - v5 PC versions of Logic (please specify upon purchase). In all v5's - it is compatible down to Logic SILVER. NOT compatible with Micro-Logic or any of the other earlier neutered Emagic bundled versions.

This editor is designed to fit on one or two screens (DX-7II) with a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or larger but will also work on smaller screens. You can set up a screenset for larger monitors that will accommodate both pages simultaneously if you choose."

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