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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Roland MSQ-700 Digital Keyboard Recorder

via this auction

"The MSQ-700 is an 8-track sequencer that holds up to 6,500 notes that can be stored. Several functions of the MSQ-700 include a chain function, multi-track function, overdubbing and a merge function. Use it to control your TR-909, or Juno-60 or any other MIDI equipment. The MSQ-700 is compatible with both MIDI and Roland's proprietary DCB sync methods (although it can't do both at the same time).

The MSQ may load notes in real time or step time into any of the units 8 tracks. The unit offers 1-6 and 8 beats per measure. Step time allows you to enter notes step by step. The note is selected by an external keyboard and the duration is selected by a slider.

The MSQ has both MIDI in and out ports and well as a DCB interface. However the machine can only use on these interfaces at once. So it will not act as a DCB to MIDI converter which is a shame. This means you cant send the unit midi data and have it send out the DCB interface. DCB is found on the Roland Juno 60 and more importantly later Jupiter 8s. The MSQ may be controlled by its internal clock or controlled by external midi clock, tape sync, or din sync. The MSQ can write tape sync and can control other units (i.e. TR909, TR606, MC4, etc..) using din sync. The ability to sync and control using all these different formats is one of the MSQ main strengths. The unit can be controlled by its own or external midi clock and send din sync signals at the same time or vice versa. So the MSQ700 will function as a midi clock to din sync converter."

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