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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Yamaha CS-30L Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"Extremely rare outside of Japan, vintage Yamaha analog synth with classic tone, really fast envelopes, with TWO supersweet 12db multimode filters with lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and multiple routings that can be used at the same time, TWO Vcas (so you can mix multiple versions of some stuff), ring mod, post-vca sine wave, 3 envelopes, multiple lfo waveforms, and sooooo many modulation possibilities, a CS-15 on steroids.

A very strange synth that does things differently, and def can get sounds that nothing else can, but can also do standard vintage synth tones and do it well. Some really unusual routings in here, like you can send two vcos to filter 1, but then one of those vcos goes to another filter which can do that vco, or external audio, or hp of the other filter, and then both go to the same vca, but then you can send the second filter to a second vca that has a ring mod, and you can control which vca or the balance between them you hear on the overall output?! Not to mention you get 5 versions of 3 envelopes and 5 waveforms of one lfo and key tracking to modulate the filters, and the same minus keytracking for the ring. Bizarre and kinda cool, but then missing stuff on much simpler synths, like sync, or 2 osc vibrato. Lotsa cv connectivity options. But then there's a sine wave in vco 2 if you want to beef up your highpass filter sounds cause why not? And all 3 envelopes are slightly diff, and if you ever wondered what it would sound like to have a saw wave modulated by an inverted envelope modulate the pitch mod on just one ocsilator going through a ring mod modulated by a saw going in the opposite direction on that same lfo, with it all going through lowpass filters sloping in opposite directions but only the second one having s/h from the lfo, this is the synth.

In top notch cosmetic condition, really beautiful, and everything works and sounds as it should. Built like a tank. Comes with cover and legs, so it can be set up on its own without a stand, or just throw the legs in the cover and it's ready to travel in its own built in road case."

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