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Monday, July 10, 2017

amygdala.exe | Eurorack Composition

Published on Jul 10, 2017 Head[Space]

"Modules used and some brief patch notes:

All sequencing is programmed on a pair of ER-101's, one of which is coupled to a ER-102 sister controller module.

Continuing on my journey of creating music solely on a modular synthesiser, this song has been in the works for a while (a lot longer than I would usually spend on a patch anyway) partially because i'm expecting an ER-301 any day now after a long lead time, I wanted to integrate the 301 as i'm interested how the 301 is going to affect the music I can create in a modular environment, i'm excited to sink my teeth into it. Secondly to that, I felt an emotional connection with this track i've enjoyed listening to it, exploring it and programming it.

At the heart of my rack is a pair of ER-101's that do all of the sequencing, each one has 4 tracks, each track has 3 outputs (CV-A,CV--B and GATE) I will often use CV-A for melody or pitch and CV-B for distributing control voltages to parameters around the rack, if however CV-A is on a track that is only outputting Gates that gives me 2 channels of CV that can be fine tuned to any value, lots of control just the way I like it. I've always written music in a DAW, and the ER-101 pair allows me to approach sequencing in a similar, reserved and meticulous way.

They provide me with all the brushes I need for my paintings.

There are 3 main voices,
- Elements in Ominous Voice mode 4x4 FM operator, which is the main melody. Damping controls the amount of filter modulation from the internal envelope on the output of Elements, so to add accents and introduce more frequency content. CV-B track 3 on the ER-101 controls damping, and the entirety of track 3 controls Elements.
- Loquelic Iteritas - in SS mode playing chords with rings. Some modulation sent from Ornament and Crime controls FOLD (introducing more frequency content) using the same gate to trigger a different envelope.
- Rings in 2x2 FM operator mode, tuned to a nice interval for nice dispersion of harmonics. This plays chords with Loquelic (and itself, polyphony is set to 4 voices), small amount of modulation to the POSITION on Rings, controlling the feedback between oscillators creating some really nice beating on the lower frequencies. Rings is sent to the Erbe-verb which is always modulating itself so the internal Lfo is set to 11.30, decay is set to 12.00, Depth at 14.00 decreasing the depth of modulation, Tilt at 10.00 filtering out some of the upper harmonics and absorb is at 12.00 also filtering / dulling, ultimately thickening the sound the Erbe-verb is fantastic.

Clouds is processing Loquelic, creating random grains and adding reverb

DPO - is used for the kick created using Streams as a VCA / Envelope combo Exponential envelope and a second envelope from MATHS to modulate the exponential FM input on the DPO for a sharp descending pitch.

DPO second oscillator FINAL output is used to create the percussion, fm sent from VCO-A to VCO-B FM index all the way up, Exponential attenuator full lock, linear at 10.00. Sent to Dual looping delay, the DLD's parameters are modulated by the ER-101.

Braids is used to create a snare, using its internal envelopes / modulation. Also sent to the DLD, delay time is modulated from really short times to slower, to create fills.

Belgrad is filtering the Loquelic Iteritas' more digital harmonics out. with 2 different resonant peaks, allowing me to pick out the harmonics I thought sounded best.

ER-101 x2 - Orthogonal Devices
ER-102 - Orthogonal Devices
TEMPI - Make Noise
Ears - Mutable Instruments / Music Thing Modular
Ornament and Crime
Belgrad - XAOC Devices
Clouds - Mutable Instruments
Dual Looping Delay - 4ms
Erbe-verb - Make Noise
A-138b - Doepfer
Elements - Mutable Instruments
Rings - Mutable Instruments
Loquelic Iteritas - Noise Engineering
Optomix - Make Noise"

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