MATRIXSYNTH: Final Design for the Proposed Percussa Super Wavetable Oscillator/Sampler - "Super Signal Processor"

Monday, July 17, 2017

Final Design for the Proposed Percussa Super Wavetable Oscillator/Sampler - "Super Signal Processor"

This is a follow-up to this post. Note the two modules are now one. Be sure to see this video if you haven't already. According to Percussa, this is the final design. You can see the name of the eurorack module will be the Percussa "Super Signal Processor". The following are some additional details:

"I've decided to make this module a bit more general and provide ALL the DSP algorithms from the ENGINE on it. So this becomes much more than a 'super wavetable oscillator'. Here is a list of modules I already have:

1) wavetable osc
2) sampler
3) LFO (sine, square, saw, etc)
4) variable frequency noise
5) white noise
6) DC generator
7) envelope generator (ADSR + A/DR shape control and looping features)
8) waveshaper
9) comb filter
10) static variable filter
11) step sequencer

Obviously there will be a menu to patch modules and route signals in and out."

"Regarding granular: You can already record wav files (up to 22 minutes long) and you can load those into either the wavetable osc or sampler module. The WT osc lets you chop up the sample on the fly using an encoder, and you can then use the index encoder to scroll through the chopped up parts. You can of course change pitch (coarse/fine). In the recorder you can crop samples, normalize and reverse them.

In the sampler module you can layer 8 samples or trigger them individually, change start/length of playback, pitch (coarse/fine), using them as looping samples or one shots, etc. All this functionality we already have in the ENGINE synth and will be in this module too.

Using slices/grains in a cloud formation with density control and forward/reverse scanning is not there yet, and morphing between snapshot is also not implemented. But those can be added.

You'll be able to have lots of modules, since this is a quad core A17 and not a single core A8. So about 10 times more processing power than what the ER-301 offers, for example."

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