MATRIXSYNTH: Modular Jam : Flight of the Long Lost : Tides, Rings, Peaks, Ripples, Clouds, 4ms SMR

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Modular Jam : Flight of the Long Lost : Tides, Rings, Peaks, Ripples, Clouds, 4ms SMR

Published on Jul 1, 2017 Mike Thomas

"Flight of the Long Lost: Patch Notes

A modular performance featuring my giant right arm, and mostly Mutable Instruments modules.

Involved modules
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Intellijel 1U Random/Clock
4ms Rotating Clock Divider (RCD) and Breakout
Mutable Instruments (MI) Rings
MI Clouds
MI Rings
MI Veils
MI Tides
2 x MI Peaks
4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator
TipTop ONE
Intellijel 1U Quadratt
Intellijel 1U Buffered Mult
Intellijel 1U Digitank Reverb
2hp Reverb
2hp Delay
2hp 3:1
Transient Modules 6ch Mixer
Pittsburgh Outs

As you can see from the video, I did a lot of manual wiggling for this jam. But there’s a background of random modulation going on via massively multed and modulated slewed random.

Smooth voice: Tides in oscillator mode, Bi output. Shape, Slope, and Smoothness modulated by semi-random LFO from Peaks #1 channel 1, which is in turn modulated (via Veils) by multed 1U Random slewed output, attenuated via Quadratt. Envelope by Peaks #1 channel 1, with manual changes here and there. Lots of manual wiggling of the wave shape controls. V/oct driven by O+C in Quantermain mode. Output into 1hp Delay, then Verb, and on to mixers.

Various melodic bits: Rings in sympathetic strings mode, polyphony mode 1. Rings Brightness, Damping, Position modulated by multed slewed random from above (lots of Stackcable hopscotch going on!). Lots of wiggling of parameters including Structure. Output into Clouds in looping delay mode. Clouds triggered by /8 of RCD (“Spread” is on, so I guess it’s really /16?). Occasional wiggling of the regeneration/feedback control.

Rhythm: Tiptop ONE timed by RCD.

Background Drone: 4ms SMR in self-generating resonator mode, with Rotation and Spread modulated by multed Random output of 1U Intellijel Clock/Random, attenuated via Quadratt. Output mixed with rhythm track via Quadratt, on to 1U Digitank reverb, and final mix.

Everything timed by RCD getting its clock from the 1U Clock/Random module.

Audio/Video Notes
Camera: Sony A6000 mounting a Leica 28mm Summicron-R

Audio recorded on a Zoom H2 using the mic input (the line input is busted). Managed to avoid distortion except at about 09:36. Bummer, but I think I actually distorted the Delay or Verb module, rather than the H2 being overloaded.

Edited in Apple iMovie."

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