MATRIXSYNTH: Moog Minitaur Update v2.2 Released Allowing Direct Access to Extended Parameters

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Moog Minitaur Update v2.2 Released Allowing Direct Access to Extended Parameters

You can find the download on Moog's website here.

Minitaur owners will be happy to know they can now access parameters directly on the synth that were previously only available through the Minitaur's software editor. The Glide switch now acts as a shift key allowing you to access the parameters. To the left you can see the shortcuts, which include the ability to save up to 128 presets directly on the unit itself, modulation sources, hard sync, oscillator 2 modulation, CV mapping, and CV to MIDI conversion, and more.  The update includes additional modulation sources including new LFO waveforms, sample & hold, and the filter envelope.  VCO 2 now supports hard sync.


The Change Log:

• Added RPN 2 Coarse Tuning support (-64 to +63 semitones)
• Added LFO modes: Square, Ramp, Saw, Sample/Hold, Filter EG • Added VCO2 Hard Sync
• Added “VCO 2 Only” option for LFO-to-VCO pitch modulation.
Additional shifted panel controls
• Hold GLIDE + turn LFO RATE knob to set LFO Waveform (Tri, Sqr, Saw, Ramp, S/H, Filter EG).
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO 2 LVL knob to turn VCO 2 Hard Sync on or off.
• Hold GLIDE + turn VCO LFO AMT knob to set LFO “VCO2 Only” (Off or On).
• Hold GLIDE + turn FILTER ATTACK knob to set Filter EG Delay Time (0ms to 10s).
• Hold GLIDE + turn GLIDE knob to set global Top Octave Wrap behavior (Off or On).
• Fixed LFO KB Reset when LFO Midi Sync is active
• Fixed Release switch response to editor when in independent decay/release
• Restore edited preset if saving is initiated on the hardware, preset location is changed,
and then save is canceled
• Last received MIDI mod wheel value persists, when turning “load preset mod wheel” on/off.
• Improved LFO MIDI Sync
• Re-mapping CV inputs restores preset value for previously-mapped parameter .
• Removed internal pitch-CV offset on boot (“cv start note” is now 0; was 20 — can also set a
custom CV start note via sysex F0 04 08 23 18 00 nn F7, where nn = start note in hex)
• Pitch-CV input re-scaled to full range when mapped to parameters other than Pitch-CV
• Wrap top octave fix, for small VCO2 detuning values
• Filter EG delay time range set 0 to 10 seconds
• Glide time restored after Note Calibration
• Minitaur no longer adds a tilde (~) after preset name, when saving on the hardware"

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