Monday, August 21, 2017


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"Now up is this SERGE MODULAR ANALOG SYNTHESIZER, so RARE I can't find any comparables on eBay in the last 60 days. That means only 5-6 PER YEAR come up for sale here. I got the TKB and power supply a long time ago; the "ANIMAL" panel was purchased DIRECT FROM STS maybe 5-7 years ago or so. I doped out a cable to power the ANIMAL from the old power supply-- the only thing changed is the connector, Serge systems have been +12v/ Gnd/ -12v for forever. The panels are WORKING but haven't been used in a couple of years, that's why I'm selling.

Cosmetically they... don't match. The ANIMAL is from the STS/oakland Calif. era, and is in very good shape all the way around. The TKB is an older "paper face" module; it has some cosmetic challenges. The paper is yellowing, the power supply wires have a soldered patch in them, the right side of the keypad itself sits very slightly taller than the left , and the front panel has some extra holes drilled in it in the corners, to mount it in a non-Serge system. None of this affects its playability, function, or ability to be mounted in a standard Serge cabinet.

Sonically it's GREAT, with the deep OOMPH that characterizes Serge all across the frequency spectrum (figure out in your ownmind what high frequency OOMPH sounds like, but the system has got it.). The ANIMAL was designed to have lots of signal AND noise in a small space: two oscillators, wave multipliers (these are some of the greatest processors ever), a filter that can oscillate, an envelope generator that can filter, noise sources, random voltage generator. The unique Serge strength is that, generally, you can plug any output into any input and it will take it-- there's no segregation between audio and control voltages. The TKB has a sequencer with selectable stages and a touchplate keyboard with pressure out; the functions can be linked or not, and you can even use it as a lo-fi programmable-waveshape oscillator."

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