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Monday, August 07, 2017

Early August Noodle (Modular Synth Performance)

Urs Heckmann
Published on Aug 7, 2017

Urs Heckmann is the man behind u-he.

"Here's last weekend's patch on a small system. All sound is recorded straight out of this synth. Goes to show that two oscillators, one filter plus Rings and Clouds make for a nicely dense patch. Base drum (way too loud, sorry for that) stems from Peaks. I'm using Batumi + 2 x Tirana and the Sequenced Switch to create all sorts of triggers, random offsets and rhythmic context.

Most of the performance is setting the levels of each component, plus a few tweaks on Maths. I could have done more, but...

... the general problem with recording a video like that is, I could do much more to make it interesting, but it might be difficult to come back to the original setting. Hence some knobs are better left untouched if there's the slightest chance one needs to reshoot. Then, after five or six attempts one is just fine with the bad light, noisy looks and some mixing errors. I need more experience with this :-)

Patch Notes:

Pitch Sources:

One Tirana on MiniMod directly (bass line) and transposing other Tirana.
Other Tirana into uScale (A: Rings)
Batumi (expert firmware random mode) transposing uScale B (Dixie 2+)

Rhythm Sources:

Batumi in Divide mode as main clocks. Various outputs going into Sequenced Switched which creates a complex pattern which triggers the other Tirana. The first Tirana is set to 2 x ratchets to act as a clock divider for the Base Drum. Some Batumi clock go into the Vermona multiples which also provide for an inverted output. I use those as offbeat triggers, e.g. for the snare/noise.


Random Arpeggio: Dixie Sine into uVCA controlled by Maths Channel 1, triggered by fast Batumi Square.

Noises & Snare: Noise from Kinks and Random Arpeggio going into Clouds L & R. Clouds trigger, size, density and transpose modulated by various Batumi outputs. Then through Kamieniec (Phaser) into Optomix which is struck for snare-type of sounds, and manually opened for winds.

Bass: Mini Mod oscillator sequenced by first Tirana, going through Polivoks filter. 2nd channel of Maths for envelope on cutoff and uVCA.

Melody/Noodle: Rings auto-strumming from changes in uScale/Tirana combination. Goes dry into PanMix, no delay on it.

AudioRate PWM sound: Dixie 2+ triangle into Mini Mod PWM into OptoMix, to be occasionally joined to the mix manually.

FX Routing:

Delay: Everything except Rings goes to either side of DLD, then into PanMix.

Reverb/Output: PanMix into Black Hole into Audio Interface.

Equipment used: XAOC Devices Tirana II (2x), Batumi and Kamieniec, Make Noise Maths and Optomix, Mutable Instruments Rings, Clouds, Peaks and Kinks, 4 MS Dual Looping Delay, Erica Synths Black Hole DSP, Intellijel uScale 2, uVCA and Dixie 2+, AJH Synths MiniMod Transistor Core VCO, The Harvestman Polivoks VCF, Doepfer A 151 Sequential Switch, Happy Nerding PanMix, Vermona Dual Buffered Multiple/Inverter (2x), Dual Buffered Attenuator/Mixer (2x) and Modular Case 104"

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