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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Percussa #ssp #eurorack Kickstarter update - Programmable Logic, Input Channels and More

via Bert on the Percussa Kickstarter campaign site:

"The past week I've been evaluating a few different ways to connect the input channels on the SSP to the ARM SoC we're using. My goal is to maximize supported sample rate and resolution. I already had a pretty good idea how I was going to do this and now have a solid plan to connect the inputs. The implementation I have in mind should enable us to support the same sample rate of 192kHz and resolution of 32 bits on all the inputs, which means there will be no difference between a CV or audio input or output. I've chosen a programmable logic solution to connect the 16 inputs, so I'll be writing code for that in the next weeks and running tests.

At the same time I'll also start working on the schematics and layout for the SSP. This will be based on the Percussa Engine. The CPU module will be moved to the back of the main motherboard, to make room for the 3.5mm input and output jacks on the right hand side. My plan is to keep most of the digital stuff on the back side of the PCB where the CPU module will be, and keep the analog circuitry on the front side close to the input and output jacks. In the schematics I'll be adding the programmable logic, additional ADCs, input stages, etc.

As I work on the above I'll be posting updates to keep you all in the loop. Thanks again for backing and for your support!


Percussa reached their Kickstarter funding and the project moves ahead. The SSP is now available for Pre-order.

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