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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Crunchy Accidents (modular synth patch)

Published on Oct 14, 2017 Urs Heckmann

"Another self-playing patch, with a bit of live mixing, tweaking and patching. This time it's on the noisy side of the spectrum. It starts with accidental audio of putting the coffee mug on the table, pulling the clock cable for the sequencer to slowly, later on running the delay so hot it clips badly and all of that. First take, had to be it.

Some dark grungy, glitchy, twangy noise, atmospheres and drones, paired with some nice and thick synth sequences. This modular system is slightly modified over last vid (Clouds out, Polaris and Doepfer 138d CFX in), with Vermona Retroverb added for extra earth-shattering spring crashes.

Unfortunately I forgot to check the audio settings of the recorder. So it's maybe just 12 bits or so. Fits the vibe though.

Patch notes are a bit beyond comprehension on this one, even for myself. As so often, Batumi acts as clock source and clock divider. It also does a lot of the modulation, specifically on Rings and Maths. Maths controls Rings and Polivoks VCF Cutoff, with heavily bouncing cycles.

Oscillators (Dixie 2+ and MiniMod) are controlled by the two Tiranas going through uScale. One Tirana is occasionally transposed by some Batumi trapezoidal output.

Dixie 2+ does the bright, unfiltered PWM bass sound which also goes through the Retroverb. Its SubOsc output goes into Rings (which here does most of the Mayhem)

MiniMod goes into Polivoks VCF and plays the high arpeggios, which occasionally burst out in very fast trills and glicthy FilterFM from Maths.

Noise from Kinks and Snare from Peaks form the noise bits, with a lot of sweeping through Polaris and Kamieniec.

Black Hole DSP drenches everything in reverb and DLD does the echo, with occasional cross-patched feedback going into digital overload.

Vermona tiles and PanMix do the mixing, but I also used both Polivoks inputs and Optomix to max things out.

Lastly, uVCA control depth of PWM and Vibrato (sourced from Batumi) in the Dixie 2+ PWM voice.

That's roughly what it is."

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