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Friday, October 13, 2017

Eurorack Modular Videos by rustyjaw

Dusk Published on Jun 12, 2017

Two videos recommended and sent my way via John L Rice. The second is further below.

"A simple ambient jam for the summer.

Some quick patch notes:

First (plucked string) voice:
Rings and STO sequenced by Copper Traces Seek

Bassline and "lead":
Pittsburgh Modular Synth Box (bassline) and Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MkII (slow lead) both sequenced by Stillson Hammer Mk II

Background melodies:
Synthesis Tehcnology E330 - sequenced by Stillson Hammer Mk II
Intellijel Dixie II (and multed copy of Dixie II melody recorded into Morphagene) sequenced by Make Noise Rene (Rene X input from Zularic Repetitor)

Three Sisters - plucked string voice and background melodies
AJH MiniMod VCF - bassline
AJH Sonic XV - lead

Mutable Instruments Clouds x2 (looping delay mode on both)
Make Noise Erbe Verb (plucked strings sound, and background melodies)
Make Noise Echophon - background melodies
Dual Looping Delay (plucked strings)
Zvex Instant Lo-fi Junky (lead)"

Colloidal Flow

Published on Sep 3, 2017

"A reworking of the last patch I posted. This is a significantly different take, focusing on the ambient and drone with the sequenced parts blended in more.

VCOs: E330 Multimode VCO (in Wavetable mode) into Clouds looping delay

Direct outs from STO (sine) and Dixie II into clouds reverb

VCOs: STO and Dixie II
Sequencer: Turing Machine into uScale II, uScale A and B outs going to each VCO
Envelopes: Quadra
Envelope Triggers: Zularic Repetitor
Delay: Dual Looping Delay

16th NOTE SEQ:
VCO: Piston Honda MkII
Sequencer: Stillson Hammer Mk II
Filter: MiniMod VCF
Envelope (VCA and filter): Quadra

Variations in the bassline are from the Assignable A and B inputs on the SHMkII, they are being fed random S&H from the Ultra Random Analog, a multed copy of the S&H feeds into the shift input on the uScale, so both sets of sequences change at the same time.

VCO: the sub bass out from STO into Pittsburgh Synth Box LPG in, triggered by output 4 from Zularic Repetitor"

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