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Sunday, October 08, 2017

March Of The Generators

"March of the Generators" is a modular-synth composition using both 5U/Eurorack modules and Nord Drum 2 sound-module. Pitch-shifted reverb comes from Eventide Space.

Here is a short description of track:

1. Basic melody comes from Modcan Touch-Sequencer controlling Endorphin Furthrrrr Generator (dual analog VCO)
2. Snare march-rhythm comes from Nord Drum 2 which is triggered with Touch-Sequencer
3. Generator sine-waves go thru MOTM-120 sub-octave multiplexer inputs A and B. MOTM-120 is in cross-mode when each sub-octave is ring modulated with each other. With faders each sub-octave is opened one at a time (4 sub-octaves)
4. When every sub-octave is sounding starts Nord bass-drum. Bass drum trigger from Touch Sequencer goes thru Rebel Technology's Stoicheia euclidean sequencer which generates the variation to this rhythm
5. Then starts the modulation of melody/harmony. This is done with random CV going to Touch-Sequencers CV-input which modulates pitch-information with an internal quantized scale
6. Korg MS-10 plays some extra bagpipe sounds
7. Sequencer stops and the sound is manipulated manually with Endorphin Generators frequency modulation knob"

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