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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Pulses | Qu-Bit Pulsar, Chord, Chance

Published on Oct 10, 2017 White Noises

"Focusing on three modules from Qu-Bit Electronix -- the Pulsar, Chord, and Chance.

A detailed patch walkthrough was featured on Qu-Bit's Instagram Story -- follow @qubitelectronix and @gregwht for more.

Patch Notes

∿Swirling Pad∿
Chord mix out going into Clouds Input R. Since I'm only taking the Output L from Clouds, the Chord mix is only heard when the blend knob is turned clockwise and the signal becomes wet -- otherwise, only the Plucky Melodies can be heard. Chance's Discrete output is controlling the Chord Inversion, while the Blend output is controlling the Waveform. A gate from Pamela's New Workout toggles the Chord's voicing between Close and Spread. Chance's waveform output is controlling Clouds' Size parameter.

∿Plucky Melodies~
Chord's Root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th outputs. Root and 7th going to LxD's 6dB and 12dB filters respectively before being sent to Tangle Quartet, whereas the 3rd and 5th go straight to Tangle Quartet. All are plucked/struck by Pulsar outputs 1-4, with each channel in Euclidean rhythms mode. The Smooth output from Chance is going into Pulsar's Mode input, rotating the rhythms. The mix from Tangle Quartet is going into Clouds Input L, to be mixed with Swirling Pad.

∿Morphing Bass / Kick∿
STO variable-shape wave straight to uJack. Pitch is controlled by Ornament + Crime, and Shape by the multed Blend output from Chance. A gate is being sent to the Lin input, so turning the corresponding knob clockwise morphs the STO between a static bass sound and a pulsing kick drum.

Modules used
∿ Pulsar, Chord, and Chance by Qu-Bit Electronix
∿ Clouds by Mutable Instruments
∿ LxD and STO by Make Noise
∿ Ornament + Crime by mxmxmx
∿ Pamela's New Workout and Tangle Quartet by ALM Busy Circuits
∿ uJack by Intellijel.
∿ Performer Series case by MDLRcase

∿ Listen to my music on Bandcamp:"

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